Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Sale...Scrap-booking stuff

Wanting to unload my scrap-booking items.  I'm not scrap'n anymore.  I've been making photo books online.  I'm asking $80.  Pass along the info.  I would love to unload it.  It's just sitting in the closet collecting dust.

The case is from Jo-Anns.
I have some Creative Memories items:  Oval Cuter, Corner Cutter
Quick Kutz is Upper Case Letters and Numbers (This item itself was over $100)
Everything else is from different scrap-booking stores.

Everything goes back into the travel tote.  It all fits nice and neat.

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I just sold all of my stuff too. Did you list it on Craigslist? I had great luck there and it is allg gone! (Plus for more than I listed it at! God is so nice to me:)

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