Friday, October 10, 2008

I haven't moved the Lawn in 14 years!

We'll Paul found this huge mower on Craigslist several months ago.  He loves it.  We needed to mow so bad.  With us gone, then the rain, then gone... we'll you know what I mean.   He was leaving for the weekend so it had to be done.  Paul finished our large piece of property and then had to do this place.  He was getting tired,  Together it's about 4.5 arc of mowing. So he said, "I'll teach ya!"   It was pretty easy after taking out a small tree stump stalling the mower, then running through to much grass and taking of the belt.  I got a handle of it.  It goes by itself so it can have a mind of it own! So Paul thought I deserved a photo.  Since this is the only labor work that I do!  HA, you all know me better than that!  I did enjoy it.

Lillie is doing awesome!  No accidents for 3 day, poop on the potty for 3 days (Does #2 only on the big potty).  We just go back from Walmart, Kroger and the Pet store. The paranoid mom taking her to the potty in every store. (We have a small foldable plastic toilet seat that I keep in my bag, it's great!)  She didn't go.  Not until we got home!  YEAH!  

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LOVE the pic! Hilarious. I love mowing our lawn. We have a riding lawn mower and it's like "me time"...with Josh on my lap! LOL!

Great job miss Lillie! Could you teach that to Josh for me?

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