Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday... Future Mommy

7 I love Comments!!:

Dawn Blay-Smith

Oh My Goodness..... Love love love this picture. She looks like a rock star. LOL She is so precious.

The Scotts

SO CUTE!!! Tami needs to see this lol.


She is stylin! I love it!


so cute

Jessica D.

awe... wow. that is just adorable!!!
who made the mei tai?


She is so stinkin' cute!!!! My Lillie was asking about you Lillie the other day...kind of out loud wondering if she's still a baby...NOPE! I love making mini-tais for kiddos. That one is cute, good job Jessica!


So cute! That photo looks similar to the girls around here. They wear those hats you gave them all the time and they are back into wearing their mei tai since I've made the second one.

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