Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Fred Factor


This book is about how passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary Lean more

I've starting my seasonal job.  It's not really a job because I love it so much.  I've worked for this individual for 8 years now. (my I'm getting old)  This job is such a blessing for our family, it helps us get through the winter.  Anyhow, I listened to the whole book today on Autumns ipod.  It's one of the top sellers right now.  It was good!  I'm hoping to get a lot of reading (listening) done in the next few months.  I'm Looking for the bible to download.  Got any suggestions?

Paul is handling the transition well,  he told me the other day he couldn't wait for me to go to work so he could spend time with Lillie. (momma's girl)  They've been doing well, and Lou is still going on the potty!  No accidents!  Paul has had dinner ready the past few night!  Blessing!  He made chicken Alfrado (spelling?) tonight. He did great!  What a good hubby I have.  He appreciates me going to work.

I did update my moms new pictures from Cambodia if you would like to see them.

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The Message would be great to listen to on audio, but I don't know if it's available for download online?

Oh wait - I think my mom was looking at Bibles for Ipods the other day...I'll ask her!

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