Thursday, November 13, 2008


We've had some small problems with our 'Chatter Box'.  You know, the girl who knows no stranger.  The girl who meets new people in different states across the country!  Yes, our little chatter box Autumn.

For the last several months Autumn has been talking out of turn at school. We've had several notes come home.  The 'Chatter Box' could not be stopped! We tried taking away Webkiz, computer time, tv, her Wii... Nothing worked. We told her that she needed to work on one of the fruits of the Spirit, "Self-control."  She claims that she cannot help it!  

Three weeks ago Paul took 'Chatter Box' over to work at the barn. The conversation there was, you've left us with no other choice..."if you get another letter from the teacher, then you'll just have to get a woopen'!  There was silence.  Not another word spoken.

Today was the big day!  Mrs. Kildea says that Autumn is a great student, everyone loves her and she loves to help others.  And she also says that since that last note 3 weeks ago there have been no problems.  She can tell that Autumn is working on her self-control!  I guess that little talk worked!  No one wants the woopen stick! LOL!  shhh Mrs. Kildea doesn't know.

She's doing great in all areas, she needs some work in reading comprehension. Mrs. Kildea loves reading her stories and can tell she is going to be a great writer, she's very creative.  I wonder where she gets that! LOL!

We know that Autumn has great potential and that her chattiness and her love of conversation will serve her well in the future, for now she must learn self-control.

Yesterday Autumn came in from school, and handed Paul an envelope.   She said, "Yes... I did everything in it."  And then she walked away.  Paul opened the envelope and there was nothing in it!  That stinker!  She kept a straight face and everything!

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Hey, at least it worked right? LOL

Dawn Blay-Smith

We too have one of those "Chatter boxes" who has gotten a few of those letters sent home. I think I might have to try what you guys did. We have taken way everything too and that didnt matter to her.


Autumn is definately related to her cousin Elijah(Dietzel)!! We hear alot of "I can't help it" or "it wasn't my fault someone was talking to me" He is also the master of excuses!

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