Sunday, December 21, 2008

Braving the Weather

The wind was a blow'n and it was freezing out today.  The girls and I hit the road North to the Nazarene church to have Brunch with Santa. (Paul went to the YMCA to check it out for Sunday Services.)  It was a special treat.  We had a pancakes and sausage breakfast and the girls got there photo taken with Santa.  Lillie went right up to him and sat on his lap... I was sooo surprised.  She didn't let a smile out though.  

Then of course they went on with there normal KidsZone program.  That's Autumn in the 2nd row.

The girls in there new Christmas Dress'

These eye will melt your heart!  Lillie was so funny.   I gave her, her new Christmas dress, and she took it out of the bag,  and she looked it over and she said, "that's Santa's".

Tonight we went to Walmart.  Autumn mentioned that we need to get some cookie dough for Santa's cookie (Autumn knows that we are Santa and Mrs. clause.  We've never played Santa with her.)  I turned around and patted Paul's belly and said, " Santa Loves his cookies" and Paul then turned to me and slapped my butt and said, "  Yes, Mrs. Clause likes cookies too".   Autumn cracked up.  That just how we joke in our house about Santa.

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Those dresses are cute :)


thats funny.
Merry Christmas!!!!!

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