Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Tree Tops

So we made it.  It was an extra long drive because of the weather! 

This christmas we wanted to go away as a family.  I was blessed and given this 5 bedroom condo for the week!  There was plenty of rooms for all 10 of us!  There’s nothing better than the gift of great memories. 

This is at Tree Tops Ski Resort.  We went tubbing!  

My Mom brought up her little Christmas tree for the kids to decorate.  Will Santa know where we are? (Remember, we know who the real Santa is.)

Yup!  Santa Eat all the cookies!

and Mrs. Clause delivered all the gift!

Our girls get, something they want, something they need, and a surprise. 
(depending on the gift and price sometimes there are more that 1 item in the box)

This is the girls Grandad and Granny Runt

Fancy Nancy, this is Lillies favorite!

The girls stockings! Stuffed with everything down to underwear, socks and a tooth brush!

Every year the girls get christmas PJ's

Grandad and Grany Runt brought us silk pj's from Cambodia... so cozy!

Paul and Uncle Brian had to dig out a slope to sled down outside at the condo.  The snow was at least 2 feet deep and some drifts up to 3 feet deep.  It was at least 100 yard long!  We flew!

What goes down, must come up!

We played lots of games and eat lots of food.  I think we all gained about 10 pounds!  Sorry for the photo overload!  For more great photos of our family getaway you can go here.

Thank you Jesus for this awesome opportunity to spend time with family and make great memories!

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Looks wonderful! Happy New Year!
*ps- I really like my new shark steam mop and steam works great!


It looks like you guys had TONS of fun - yay!


I am so jealous of that snow! how fun!!


What a fun looking vacation!

Fancy Nancy was under our tree this year as well.

I haven't been tubing since that incident in High School with the giant collision. Looks like fun.

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