Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surprise Gone Bad...

Autumn had her Santa workshop today at school.  She bought gifts for all of us.  They were neatly wrapped and under the tree. (You know what's coming don't you!)  Autumn was in the shower and Paul and I were watching something together on youtube.  Lillie is opening her present!!  AHHH!  She was so excited when she opened it.   (A stuffed Horse)  We tried to take it way before Autumn found out, NOT HAPPENING!  We stuck it up high and Paul was going to fix it later and put it back.  Maybe Autumn wouldn't notice?  Not a chance.  She Noticed first thing.  She begin to cry... Lillie had ruined it.  Once she stopped crying we talked her in to redoing the gift so she could give it to her.  As you can see from the photo,  Lillie is most grateful.

It's just to hard to wait until Christmas...  from now on, nothing goes under the tree!

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Tell Autumn that Lillie will be just as excited about her horse when she opens it on Christmas bc she won't remember!

My boys play with their Christmas gifts when they come home and then I hide them and they completely forget about it! MOM can see her Christmas gift and forget about it by Christmas LOL

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