Thursday, January 8, 2009

The case of the "Missing Socks"!

Socks seem to be disappearing.  The other day, (Months ago) when Lacey was staying with the girls she check my washer for missing socks.  Right down there in that rubber thingy!

She found several of the girls socks.  Did you know that I've had this washer for almost 5 years and never knew this.  That is until Lacey told me.  We'll I forgot!  So the other day when all the Laundry was done,  I had 6 sock with out their mates...  You guessed it my washer had eat them. They were gross, gray and soggy!   They had been there through several weeks of washings.  I need to remember this next time.

I must say, I do love my Front Loaders!   It is the best gift my hubby has given!

2 I love Comments!!:


You've solved the mystery! :) I wish ours had a rubber "thingy" because then we'd know where all our socks go...


I was so surprised the first time I looked in that rubber thing to see so many socks in there. Our front loader doesn't eat socks but I check from time to time because we have sock issues with the girls. They just get lost in the house.

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