Friday, January 9, 2009

We love our VitaMix

We purchased a VitaMix 2 years ago.  It was a big purchase for us and we were sooo excited. This machine is amazing!  It makes everything from hot soups to ice cream.  We have not used it to it's potential over the last 2 years.   That is until this week.

The Daniel Fast has caused us to do some major re-eating!  I've made hummus, peanut-butter, fruit smoothies, tomato soup . . .  with my Vitamixer.  I think the greatest sacrifice for me is the budget!!!  On an Evangelist salary it tuff.   It cost so much to eat healthy, so many fruits and veggies.   My family will make some changes after the 21 day fast.  We will try to do better, to be a healthier family. 

Hey, good news...
Paul has only had one head ache, the second day of the fast.  He loves his coffee :)  I'm glad I'm not a coffee addict! It's my goal never to be.

If anyone has any good recipes I would be grateful.  I've made a few really good bean soups.  The only thing missing.  A warm slice of cornbread!

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