Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daniel Fast

Our church that we are affiliated with is starting today a "21 day of prayer and fasting".  Paul and I have chosen the Daniel Fast.  I've never fasted before.  I'm a little scared and excited both. 

Tough decisions have come our way and we need the Lord to show us want is next for us.  And soon.  Paul and I have been wanting to plant a church in our area for families.   Yet we've also received an amazing opportunity to possibly minister somewhere else.  During this time were are asking for direction as were to go and what to do next.  If it be to plant a church.  Where Lord? Would it be the school or the local YMCA?   Provide us the right resource and people to come in contact with to open the door.  If it be pursue other job opportunities.

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We're starting tonight and will also be praying for you guys. Pray that B gets a job soon.


Pastor *just* told us about the fast today (and it starts today) so I'm starting tomorrow!


We will be praying for you. Monday are my fasting days, I'll add that to my prayer requests.
Don't fret about fasting....with God it is all possible. You will be so much closer by the time you are done! Love ya- Tami

His Hands His Feet Today

I'll be praying! I too am fasting tomorrow with another friend... fasting is a powerful tool that the Lord gives us to draw close to Him!

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