Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

For my birthday meal.... I choose Red Robins!  My favorite, I love the Blue Ribbon Burger.

Here goes...  32 random things about me.  I'm not pondering,  just writing.  Here goes.

1.   I'm a wife
2.  I'm a mom
3.  I love peanut butter... anything!
4.  My favorite thing in the world is clean sheets
5.  A clean house is a happy me.
6.  I don't have a dish washer.
7.  I've never broke a bone
8.  I'm a PK (preachers Kid)
9.  I always have slippers on my feet
10.  I asked Jesus in my heart at age 7.
11.   I like the show "Clean House"
12.  My favorite color is Red
13.  My favorite food is Pizza
14.  I've been married for 12 years
15.  I weight 15 pounds more now than when I got married :(
16.  I love photography.. I'm not that great...but i love it.
17.  I'm smarter on the computer than my husband!
       (I know he's reading this because he reads my blog everyday!)
18.  I've been to 35 different states.
19.  I'm working on my negativity.
20. Dr. Pepper is the best
21.  Paul was my first kiss
22.  I was held back in 3rd grade
23.  I'm a horrid speller!!! 
24.  I was married right out of High School
25.  I took sign language class at Oakland Community College.
26.  I love the ocean
27.  I'm not an animal lover
28.  Beverly Lewis is my favorite book series
29.  I love roller coasters!
30.  I love to spend time with my hubby
31.   I like my feet rubbed
32.  I don't enjoy cooking! 

I did that in 4 minutes.  Sorry to bore you...  Just think,  now you have a greater knowledge of who Jessica Dietzel truly is.

4 I love Comments!!:


Happy Birthday! I think I knew all of those except your favorite color being Red. Did I know that already? I'm not sure.

We always go to Red Robin for my Birthday as well. Did you sign up for the free Birthday Burger?


I can't believe you're 32 already. Love ya, grams


Happy birthday! (late) :)


Happy Birthday, late! For some reason I thought it was the 4th, even still, I'm late. I also thought you were turning 30 I guess I was wishful thinking for you! I hope it was great!

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