Thursday, January 1, 2009

Everyone has the flu...

Everyone has the flu... Not in my family.  It's funny, every blog and I've been reading the last couple of days... some momma is cleaning up puke! 

It hit us while we were up at Tree Tops.  The Saturday that everyone left,  Autumn decided to puke... all day... in the car to Walmart...  at least she knows how to use the bucket!  So far so good no one else has gotten it.  Good luck to all of you.  It's only a 24 hour bug.

I must say.. Since we've move and had to down size in our bedroom to a queen.  I miss our king bed. (Tree Tops spoiled me and the girls)  I love it when the girls come in early in the morning and crawl in.  There so much snuggle room.  Paul claims he like the queen best.  He missed me! He's so sweet...  Right!  He's just looking for body heat and someone to keep his toes warm!

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