Friday, January 2, 2009


Hello,  My name is Jessica Dietzel and I'm a coupon addict!  Who am I telling? You already know this of me.  ( you can check out prior post by going to the side and look for "other stuff I've blogged about",  then find Coupon Shopper)

It's been about a month and my stash is going low!  A friend and I went to Kroger today to get our freebie stuff and then some.  I've had a coupon for these Sargento Salad Finishers.  I been dying to try them.  So they were $3 each. (I would never play this)  With my coupon I got them for $1.  So I use 3 coupons and got 3 bags for the price of one!  Great Deal!

So I open the bag... This is what i got!  For $3.00 regular price, are you crazy. Glad I only plaid $1.  I couldn't believe it.

I saved 67% on my bill today.  I like to have at least a 70% saving.  I got 58 items for $48.40. Which I think is pretty good.  That $.82 an item!

Today my freebie were..(4) Bounty Paper towels and (3) Smart Balance butter

What else did I get?

(3)Sargento Salad Finisher
(3) Frozen Grands Biscuits 
(2) Pop tarts
(3) Pringles minis
(3) Smart Balance Butter
(4) Kebbler Flip side crakers
(1) Life Cereal
(3) Special K waffles 
(3) Eggo Minis
(4) Bounty Basic paper Towles
(3) Grand Cin. Rolls
(2) Betty Crockers Instant Potatoes
(3) Energizer Batteries
hotdog buns
Pace Salsa
salad dressing
cream cheese
Glide floss
Dimeatapp cold med
Purex Laundry Soap
Cotton balls
Kroger Christmas cookies on clearance!  UMM I love the butter cookies.

Not to bad for an hour of grocery shopping.

It does seem to me that the deals are not as good as they were a year ago when I learn to shop with coupons:(

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Front Porch Momma

I totally agree the sales stink so bad! Glad someone else agrees!


Wow - that Salad Finishers is so not worth the price! I'm glad you didn't pay full-price for it either!

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