Thursday, January 15, 2009

Manna from Heaven

This here is another essential item that I've used almost everyday so far on our Daniel Fast. One of those items that I've had and not really used to it's potential!!  It's only $15.00.  I must say... Why haven't I used this thing more.  It's so quick and easy to chop up everything to throw in a pot to make veggie soup.
Were over half way since we've started our fast.  Cravings for me have not been bad.  I've not really wanted the Dr. Pepper that I usually have once a week, or even a yummy piece of chocolate. We'll maybe just a cookie!  What I've found is that I just never seem to be full.  You know like the Chinese buffet, when you eat until your full and about 1 hour later you feel hungry again?  For a snack, I really don't fell like another apple or a slice of cucumber.  That's what's been hard for me.  I'm not a big fruit eater nor a big veggie person, unless I can dip it in Ranch :)  No can do :(

It made me think the other day when Moses was in the Wilderness. God was so alive and right in front of them whether it be a cloud by day or a fire by night. It's was amazing to me that the people would even dare to complain.  God was taking care of them, sending them food from heaven everyday.  Numbers 11:6  "But now our soul is dried up: there is nothing at all to be seen but this manna."  The people were tired of the same old stuff.  Can you image eating manna for all those years?  Every meal?   The bible says it tasted like cakes with fresh oil.  It had to be better than brussels sprouts :(

Anyway, the story of the children in the wilderness are what I thought of the other day when I didn't want to eat another cucumber nor an apple!  Shame on me.

Praying for the Lords direction with our family.


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