Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Better or Worse?

There's never a dual moment around here.  (it's always me not the girls) I decided to try and make granola.  I did'nt have any cookie sheets that had sides so I used a few glass pans.  I finished several batches and it turned out great.  I had warm dish water in the sink (Your looking at her... the dish washer)  So I slid the hot pan into the warm water... You know it!   I didn't event think about it!  YUP,  there was a loud pop and a splash.  
I turned around and the sink was full of floating glass.  What a mess, the tinniest little pieces were on the counter and floor.  This is so like me!  I do these things often.
Here are a few more events that have kept our marriage interesting.

Once I let a whole chicken boil dry and smoke up the whole house.  I totally forgot about it.

The engine light in the car came on.  I had left to go somewhere so I called Paul.  I said, "something is really wrong with the car!  Theirs an arrow pointing at the engine light and it's blinking and making a noise!"  I'm so pathetic.  It was the blinker that I had left on.

When we were first married I couldn't figure out why my clothes didn't seem to be getting clean.  I washed clothes for 2 weeks with fabric softener before I realized it wasn't soap.  My mom kept telling me I needed to learn how to do laundry before I got married.  I should have listened.

Not to mention things like forgetting to pack Paul underwear when we go on trips. Or forgetting the Laptop for a program when we are hours away home.  Oops

I have gotten a bloody noes on stage.  Paul elbowed me in the nose when I was putting him in his straight jacket.  

The sound system was not working one day.  Why?  I couldn't figure it out, we just used it.  Try the power button my hubby says.   Grrrr

Lastly, my husbands favorite... Mash potatoes down the garbage disposal.  He still can't leave this one alone.  My drain was plugged for a week!

You see, this is what keeps marriage interesting...
For better or worse.  Right Dear?

Love you husband!

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Why can't you put mashed potatoes down the disposal!?!?! Hmmm...learn something new everyday!

And I've done the hot glass in cool water a few times!!! Don't feel bad!

Lindsey Davis Marks

HAHA!! I had to read this out loud to Sam! It sounds exactly like me! Let me share a few of mine and see if you can tell why we laughed so hard...

1) I have broken an entire set of 12 drinking glasses while doing the dishes.

2) I hate doing multiple loads of dishes, so I try to pile them all into the strainer at one time... at which point they inevitably roll off the strainer and break in the sink :)

3) Just TODAY, I was doing laundry, and put my towels in the dryer, remarking on how dry they felt and saying that the spin cycle must have really gotten the water out of them! Later, upon pulling them all out of the dryer, I realized that they didn't seem too clean, and worried that something was wrong with the washer. When I went to put them back in, I noticed that the detergent and fabric softener were still in the loading compartment.. I had never started the washer in the first place!

4)I recently tried to put together a cabinet for Sam for Christmas, but didn't have a screw driver. All he had in his desk was a jack knife. Perfect, I thought!... Until it shut on my thumb while I was twisting the screw in :( Smart, right?

We should share more, I could go on and on with this! Haha!

Love you! And I'm so glad Paul does too :)

4 Smith's

Jess, A couple of those things you did when you were at Walton Blvd. with us.

And don't feel so bad about the glass dish, I did the exact same thing when Paul and I lived at that little apartment, with a corningware dish that was hot I put into cold water!

BOOM! Glass everywhere!

Front Porch Momma

So I'm going to buy you a cookie sheet with sides :) How did you like the granola ?


I so remember the potato one!! If i remember correctly, weren't they instant potatoes? And didn't you run hot water down the disposal after them? Just trying to clarify.:) I once threw the money for our car payment in the dumpster at the apts where we lived!!

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