Thursday, February 19, 2009

Betty Crocker Warm Delights... Delightful!

I don't know if any of you have tried Betty Crockers Warm Delights but these thing are way out of my budget, over $2 for a single serving!!!  I got these for .25 at Meijer the other day.  They are wonderful especially when they only cost a quarter, there even better when you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

I am a sucker for a hot fudge brownie.  When Paul and I were first dating we would go to Bill Knapps (when they were still around) for one.  My all time favorite is the Carmel blond brownie at Applebees's.  Yum, my taste buds are watering just thinking of it.

For all you who are new to couponing and need a little help there are some items you can pick up at Meijer.  Sorry last week was the Warm Delights for a quarter:(.

Aunt Millies bread only .25
Aunt Millies English muffins only .30
Crunch and Munch only .40
Soft Soap only .30
Pizza Rolls only .30

There's plenty of deals you just got to look. Remember Meijers takes two of the same coupon and they double up to .50, that makes it $1.00 off.

You need to be cutting coupons, every week!  Get busy!

This morning I went over to Charlotte to met a lady (Carol who is a Nurse) from my moms church.  I helped her set up a blog.  She went with my mom on her trip to give Christmas to the children in Cambodia.  Now she's going back for 3 months to help start a medical clinic all by herself.  The blog is going to help keep her friends and family up to date.  

Here is my moms trip in case you haven't seen it.

4 I love Comments!!:


I got those warm delights too! We like them, only with a coupon of course! Last week was a really good week for deals!


My kids love when I make brownies, but I agree, the warm delights are way too expensive.


Well, I have a Meijers by me - I need to start cutting coupons! Soooo, do they automatically double the coupons or do you have to ask them too?

And now I much have a warm brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup - thanks...I think LOL


Oh, now that sounds so good right now. I just finished playing a co-ed softball game (we won!) But I haven't ever gotten them for 25 cents; I think my best price is about a dollar. So I don't spend the bucks and I don't spend the calories. I'll go have a handful of grapes and go to bed.

Hope your day is made since a stranger stopped by -- I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the pages of your blog.

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