Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love faces "Wonder"

This weeks theme is "Wonder"

This photo was taken the the GA Aquarium with our friends the Blackwell.  This is Autumns arranged marriage.  His name is Levi,  He comes from good stock, him mommy and daddy are youth pastors! hee hee 

I've came across this blog a few times but have never entered.  I came a crossed it again on a friends blog.   I'm going to try it.  I have so many photos.  Surly there is a winning photo in the pile somewhere!

8 I love Comments!!:


Cute photo but the man reading the paper is hilarious! Welcome to I heart faces!!

Melinda B


Love the picture! The blue tint to everything makes it even better!


beautiful picture!

Life with Kaishon

Oh my gosh! What an adorable picture. I totally see Wonder all over it : ). I also fullheartedly agree with your arranged marriage idea : ). I would like to pick out my son's future wife too!


Ooooo... arranged marriage. I would love to do that with my girls. I several little 'men' in mind for them. haha!

Love this photo... great choice! :)


Great capture of wonder.


The kids look like they're wondering about the aquarium, the man with the paper looks like he's wondering what time they close and the guy leaning on the wall with his hand in his face looks like he's wondering why he got out of bed! LOL!! PERFECT!!

Hugs & Blessings!

A great place to capture expressions of wonder!

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