Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heres how I do It

This is my coupon box.  I just switched to something different so I don't have any ABC tabs yet. If  you look closely you can see my cheat sheet.  It breaks down the prices so I can do the math faster.  For example.  3 for $5  is $1.66 each.  

Everyone keeps asking me.  How do you do that?  So here is what I know.   I'm sure there are so many more tricks of the trade but this should help.

Start cutting and Organizing!
First you need to start cutting and organizing your coupons.  There are several different places you can get coupons.

1. Sunday Paper (Buy at least 2 papers)  The Detroit free press is the best in our area.
2. Online 
3. Recycle centers
4. Friends & family

Where are you going to shop?
You need to call around in your area.  Some store double coupons everyday, others have specific days.  You also need to know how many of the same coupons you can use at once in each store.  Everyone is different.  For me, Meijer allows me to use two coupons, Kroger allows me to use 3 coupons.  This is why you should buy at least 2 papers.

Who Doubles?
(In my area)
Kroger doubles $1.00    Kroger allows you to use 3 of the same coupon.
Meijers doubles $.50     Meijers allows you to use 2 of the same coupon.
Walmart take coupons however they do not double, but you can use as many as you want.
Save-a-lots take coupons but do not double
Target I'm not sure
Any of your CVS, Walgreens etc. 

Keep in mind that if you have a coupon to a specific store like Target, you can also use a manufacture coupon.  This allows you double the savings.

Say tooth paste is 2 for $4.00.  You only have to buy one.  Say you have a $1 coupon.   If it doubles, your toothpaste is free.  You should never pay for tooth paste.  If you are, call me I'll give you some lol!  If you have 2 coupons use them both and get the 2 for $4.00 free ( 2 tubes of paste for free!  Can't go wrong there.)

What do I buy?  
Only buy items that are on sale or clearance out, that is unless you need the item.  Also keep watch for your 10 for $10 sales.  This make stuff only $1.  When your $.50 coupons is doubled you would get these items for free.  There is always great sales for 10 for $10.  Remember you only have to buy 1, you don't have to buy ten.  If you have 3 coupons, buy 3!

Always buy extra, you don't know when it will be on sale again.

At first it may seem like your spending more money.  Your stocking up on your supply.  It may easyest to see your savings if you only go and pick up items using your coupons.  Coupons shopping is not grocery shopping.

What kind of coupons should I cut?
My friend JJ (she taught me) says you should cut at least one of everything!  You never know when it goes on sale.  Which is so true, I find when I don't cut it, I typically can get it for free at a later time. Always my luck.  When I was just getting started I could not comprehend this coupon shopping.    I would think, "I don't use that product, I don't need to cut those coupons."  Or  "Don't you spend more money buying things you don't need?"  What I've found is that, if you can get it so cheep, why not try it.   My friend Lacey came to the house one day and said, " I've never seen so many name brand products in your cub-bards!"  I know!!!  This Coupon thing really works! 

How do I organize my coupons?
Some people do it alphabetically, by product.  I do my my catagory.  For example: Chips, cookies, dairy, cereal... There are many different ways, find what works for you, you can always change it.  There are tpyes of files and containers to store coupons.

How much time does it take?
As much as you want to give it.  I get my Sunday paper, when the girls go to bed I cut and file. Once a month I pull out all my expired coupons.  On Sundays I also pull all the coupons out I'm going to use after I look at the store add.  This saves me time in the store.  Just because it's in the sale add does not mean that nothing else is on sale at the store.  They don't put everything thats on sale in the add.  You still need to go down each isle.  I tend to go at night when my girls go to bed and the store is less busy.  I send anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours in the store.

On the ride side of my blog near the bottom there is a list of links that will take you to get free coupons.  You need to sign up and install the printer.  

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OK, that is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. You are a woman after my own heart. I never thought I'd see the day to find someone thriftier than myself.

Have a coupon saving day!!!!

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