Sunday, February 1, 2009

Memory Lane Mondays

My family loves the ocean.  If the Lord would let me, I'd move in a heart beat. We've been up and down the Atlantic Ocean. We've been to beaches in VA, MD, DE GA, FL.

This here is Tybee Island in the summer of 2003. It's located on the coast of Georgia.  We were able to spend several days here.  The church we were speaking at was very close to the beach. We also were able to tour the city of Savannah.  It is my all time favorite city.  I love all the rod iron, it's everywhere. It is a beautiful place to live.

The beach is my favorite place to take photos.  Remember my lg zoom lens drowned this past summer in a rain storm.  I left it in the bottom of Lillie's stroller.  I need to pick up up before summer.  I Think I would like a new Canon D30.  Maybe my hubby will buy it for me for our anniversary:)  What do you say husband?

This is Paul's position at every beach we go to.  Either that or digging in the sand and making something life size.  The beach always bring out the artist in him. (I'll show you all some photos another time.)

This is my favorite beach photo of Autumn.  I love that you can see her little checks:)

Check out Autumns calf  muscles.  She's always had the legs any woman would die for!  This cute little woman body.  Poor Lillie is totally opposite.

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Front Porch Momma

I love Tybee Island. Ben and i spent Valentines Day in Savannah before Madalynne was born. I thought i was going to go in labor driving down all the cobblestone roads! I love it!

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