Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Birthday coffee

I did say my Birthday Coffee!  Lou loves them!  I tell her just a little sip, we could be in big trouble here.    She calls it a coco drink.  

My birthday is Jan 3rd, and my free coffee coupon came in the mail the day of the fast!  I've been waiting...  and waiting... and finally... yummy...  a large Mocha on ice!  I can't help but suck them down so fast, Paul thinks I'm crazing. I don't drink hot coffee but I could drink these everyday.  But I don't! To fattening and to expensive,  thank God!

The big deal of the day...  $5.51  a savings of 91%

As we walk around the store, I keep track in my head how much I'm spending. Paul told me today, we only have $5-$10.00, that was okay for me!  So when we checked out and Paul saw the bill of $48.72 I must say he started to panic and didn't think I stayed on budget.  Surprise, Surprise I showed him.  

My girls love the Grocery store and they never complain.    That's because they give out free cookies.

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Impressive shopping!!! I want to know how you do it. Evan's birthday is January 4th and we love coffee. I let him have sips of my decaf. Happy belated birthday!


Noah drinks my coffee (and Grammy's) all the time. LOL

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