Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Sad Day :(

I love my baby sling.  I wish that I would of had one when Autumn was little. There are no words to describe it. 

If you've never wore your baby, I encourage you to try it.  Not only are you hands free, but the bond I have with Lillie as a baby is so different than Autumn.

As I'm going though photos tonight I'm sadden because I don't have very many photos of me wearing Lillie.  The mom is always behind the camera :(

Today I gave my sling away to a pastor wife who has a sweet baby.  I purchased a baby pouch for her little girl this summer.  I told her when Lillie was done with this next one (which is a Mai Tie)  I'd pass it along, sigh...   so today was the day that I said goodbye:(.  I just have not been using it very often.

There is nothing like a snuggling, smelling good, sleeping child on your chest.  It saddens me that Lou is growing up.  It was most handy for us on Sunday Mornings during church when it was nap time.  She snuggled right in.   She has always been such a fussy baby and she was always most content in her sling.                                                                                                                                      
With Autumn it was okay to move on to each new stage, but with Lillie, its hard.  I did'nt cry when Autumn went to kindergarden, I will cry when Lillie goes.  I think because I know that it is my last baby, it's sad.  We are moving on to the next stage in our lives.  sigh...

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Awww it's hard to part with the various baby-carrying devices. I'm getting ready to buy a Beco because I don't have enough support with the mei tai anymore, it's a sad time. I still haven't been able to part with my sling LOL

Amy W

One of my neighbors let me borrow her Baby Bjorn when my girls were babies. It was great! Hey, I tagged you in the "sixth picture meme" on my blog. If you haven't done this one yet, it's a lot of fun! Hope you'll play along!

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