Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Surprise for Me!

Paul left the other day to go to the POBox.  He told me if we received any conformation checks for our summer programs in the mail he'd bring me home a surprise.  I don't know about you but I loves surprises.  I really was looking forward to a candy bar (anything with peanut butter my favorite) or a Iced coffee from the Biggby's.  

So when He returned home, to my surprise.... huh, a vacuum?   

Yes!! I was so excited, boy does my husband know what his wife wants:)
I had just vacuumed the floor while he was gone.  When he brought the vacuum home of course I had to use it right away!  

This is what I got!  Yeah!  A much cleaner floor.  A clean floor, means a happy wife.  Thank you husband!

Today I'm off to a Prayer Conference at the COG campgrounds in Fenton.  They asked me to come and run the sound and media for the morning speaker.  The sound guy couldn't make it so they thought of me.  Me?  They said because I run everything for our programs and I have knowledge of all that stuff.  Hee Hee!  I know how my husband ticks, his cues, his likes and dislikes.  I know when he's going to long and how to shut him up. HA!  I wonder if they made the right choice??

Soon I'll be filling you all in on our new endeavor!  We just found out the other day that the YMCA here in our town has allowed us to lease the building on Sunday mornings to pioneer a church for Young Families.  So exciting.  Lots more to come on this.

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Wow! I really like your new vacuum. Dirty floors watch out here comes Jessica with the dirt hating, hepa filtering, giant, sucker upper. Isn't it funny how the small things in life mean so much. Can't wait to hear more on the YMCA thing.


What a great surprise. I did not like your last vacuum. The wheels always fell off.

I've got a surprise for you. I gave you an award.

you can see it here:

Amy W

I hope you like your bagless more than I like mine. I wasn't prepared for the endless dumping of the canister. But, I suppose the upside is that it must be sucking up more dirt than the vacuum with a bag! :)


How exciting about the church start up. I would love to come for a looksee sometime after you get it up and running. I am after all passionate about children and families.


Natalie Bacon

congrats on the new vacuum. I got one this week too!

Dyer Family

I don't see the excitement in a new vacuum, but Kyle does. He loves our vacuum. He was like a kid in the candy store the day we brought it home. It is a Dyson for pet owners. Again, I don't see the thrill but it is a great dirt and hair sucker upper! And even I have to admit the floor looks fabulous after its use.

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