Saturday, February 28, 2009

The PBJ Thief

Yup  your looking at em'...

I was in the kitchen making Lou a PBJ and I turned around and the sandwich was gone.  Enoch was walking away and I chased him and  I grabbed him around the neck and took him down to the ground!!  Needless to say he know who the boss is and he sat that the door of the kitchen and wouldn't come back in.

This was the first time he's ever done that, he always comes in the kitchen  and sits by my feet. He's at the counter level where all he has to do is tip his head and it belongs to him.  I can't believe he has another 40 pounds to go.  When he's done growing he'll weigh more than me and you better believe I'll still take him to the ground even when he's bigger than me!  I think the new rule is when I'm cooking in the kitchen he can't come in.  Same goes for Paul too!!!

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Our old Lab/cocker mix used to that, except he didn't care about getting in trouble LOL

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