Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SWAK: Sucker for Letters

I'm participating in the SWAK Valintine Carvial put on by We are that Family
I hoping I win those his and her t-shirts!! My wife Rock and My husband Rock!
You should check it out and see how other wives are honoring their husbands.

So here is my a story about my husband Paul.

He's an artist, and he's always wrote me the most creative letters. We were 2.5 hours apart so we seen each other only on the weekends. Letters were lots more fun than the phone calls. I'm a keepsake girl. I've kept all my letters, cards, and pictures from paul. ( I even kept the cartoon sketch he did of me at Applebees on the place-mat.) This here is the first letter he wrote to me. It was after our first date. He pays so much attention to detail. This is one of Pauls gifts that I love about him. In the letter you will notice, where we went on our first date, Applebee's and then putt-putt golf. This letter was wrote just before Paul went to Europe. We had one date and then he left for six weeks, and yes I receive more creative letter from Greece and Albania. I am a sucker for love letters!  

He reads my blog you know. . . he's probably going to make me pay for this!

Husband, I love you. I love your creativity and the way you pay attention to detail.
Happy Valentines Day!

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That is so neat! I used to be the one to write the letters. Not so much anymore. Wow, did he draw all those pics, too? How fun!

Kerry Whittaker - Rob's wife :)

His letter is so unique - and very special I'm sure. What a treasure!


That a sweet letter - I'd be saving them too! Your girls would probably love to dive into those someday :)


That is your sweetest! I knew Paul was CREATIVE, but he truly is an artist too....Very cool!

We are THAT Family

Wow! He is so creative! I'm impressed. That is some kind of love note.

Thanks for sharing your love story with us!


What a neat letter!


that is great! what a creative man you have there. thanks for sharing it!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I am a bit late in visiting via the SWAK carnival, but what a great post!

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