Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mail from Granny Grunt

Today the girls were so excited to get mail from the Grandparents.  Thank you Granny Grunt and Grandad!!  Autumn has her valentines done and waiting and her new shirt for Valentines Day has been on the dresser for two days!  She counts down to every event on her calendar.  I used to to that, okay I still do!

Great deals this week at Kroger.  My bill totaled $92.59 and when it was all said and done it was only $22.05!

Okay like I need 6 cans of Ragu and, 6 cans of Manwich and 6 boxes of Betty Crocker Brownies! But when the price is right and under .50 or free, you get it!  My Ocean Spray juice was free along with my yo-plus yogurt.  When cereal is only .69 a box you stock up!  My supply has been getting low this winter. I stock up in the summer and use it up in the winter. (were seasonally selfemployted) It feels great to be able to start stocking up again on my surplus.  I love being able to go to my panty to grocery shop.  Can I get an amen from my coupon shopper friends!?

Oh yeah, great deals at Meijers the week.

Chex Mix-free
Betty Crocker frosting-free
Campbell soups only .40
Betty Crocker warm delights only .25
Super Pretze fils only .64
Mrs. T Pieroges only .64

Now go do some grocery shopping!!

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Your girls are adorable! Thank you for sharing your grocery shopping deals! I need to clip more coupons. My mother was always good at saving money at the grocery store when I was growing up.

Amy W

Are you kidding me on the groceries? I mean, seriously, how do you get your stuff so cheap? I've never had coupons that good! You must be a pro!

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