Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Love Fashion Polly's!!

Fashion Polly's have been apart of our family for years.  Autumn got her first Fashion Polly when she was about two.  Polly's were an easy cheep toy to buy when traveling on the road, they and could be taken easily into restaurants and churches.

We had a lot of these! Autumn has a special case that she used to sort all of the clothes.  Over the last year Autumn has started to out grow them and the pile of them is dwindling down. Lillie on the other hand has pick them up and is in full swing.  This is what she wants to do all day long.

As we traveled and took Pollys to several hundreds of churches, these little dolls have gotten so grimy with little hands.  Autumn would drawl crowds to play with her and all her Polly's. To clean the Pollys we would get out 2 bowls one with soapy water and one with clean water and wash them.  The other day they were needing a cleaning again.  So this time I just throw them in a pillow case and washed them.  So easy!!! What was I ever thinking washing them by hand???  In case you didn't know this, it makes them all slippery again, just like new when you wash them.

It looks like it's time to reinvest in Polly's again.  I'm going to keep the Pollys and put them away when the girls are grown, because they both love this toy so much.

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My sister used to play with those Polly's all the time - I think they're pretty neat! Good idea tossing them in a pillowcase to wash!


Neat idea. My girls had a few Polly's, but I can't stand them, always stepping on them. For me, the parts are way too small.
Actually, I have been reading you blog for a while in private, I just started follwing pubically. I don't believe that we have ever meet though.

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