Monday, February 16, 2009

memory Lane Mondays

Our first Trip to Disney-January 2004
This trip was a blessing.  A church down in Florida really wanted us to come for a kids crusade. We told them that it was to far to come just for one church, the expenses would be to great. The Pastor offered a trip to a Disney park and promised to make it worth our time and told us our needs would be met.  Needless to say. . .  Disney here we come.

We choose to go to Magic Kingdom because Autumn was so into Princesses. Belle was her favorite.  We had lunch with Pooh, and Autumn was chosen to be the Chief of the Day.

When our pager went off and it was time for us to go in, the the host told me to get my camera ready!  Hugh?  He said, "your not going to want to miss this".   They gave Autumn a hat and also helped her make her own personal cake for dessert.  

All this attention just for Autumn!  It was so special.  
By the way, thats Lacey our Nanny.  She traveled with us for 5 years.

I love this photo!  He's swallowing her whole.

And this one melts my heart.

This was the kiddy bar, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and corn!  Perfect for every kid.  She loved being able to do it herself.

When we watched the live show at the Castle and the princesses were all dancing and Mickey and Minnie Came out,  it was so magical.  It made two big kids cry. 

I think every family who come here has a photo like this!

Autumn was so excited when we found this eye pillow.  She has slept with an eye pillow since she was one.   Ooo... what a day:)  We were blessed!

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These pics are great!! What a doll!! Love the one at the mini bar and of course the eye pillow! It's so great to look back at Gods blessings!!


This was such a fun trip. My first time to Disney as well. And the food at lunch was wonderful.

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