Monday, March 2, 2009

memory Lane Mondays

This is Autumn when she was 3.  It's funny when I pull up old photos of Autumn,  Lillie always says, Thats ME!!    ITs cute how she sees herself in Autumn.

We were speaking at a Youth Camp in Ohio.  And I have no Idea why Autumn is crying.  But I had to capture this moment.  Autumn never cried!  This was a rarity for her.  Lillie on the other hand, is quite different.  There is not a day that tears are not shed.  Lillie is major drama.

5 I love Comments!!:


I think I remember why she was crying. Didn't she get splashed/wet after a boat ride? That's my best guess as to why she would be crying. She hated to get wet.


Even with the crying, that is a great photo, one of those....just something about it


Well, whatever made her cry must have been horrible judging from the picture :)


Wow, I think I see the veins popping out in her little head! My guess is she was pretty mad! Look at how blonde her hair was.

Natalie Bacon

wow look how blonde her hair was! I love having those pictures of my kids as well. lol

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