Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer in the Mail

Little girls bring such delight with 
hearts so warm and smiles so bright!

Every child loves to get mail.  But what's better than mail?  
New Sundresses that come in the mail!! 

These came in the mail for the girls over the weekend.  A friend found them at a craft show. The straps are ties so you can adjust them.  They are so cute.  I love little girls in sundresses. 

Thanks Linda for thinking of us!  

Lots going on this week.  Paul has his meeting with the YMCA about finalizing our contract.  I also have a meeting this week that will help me learn all I need to know about church financing, they also will be teaching me a computer program that will help me with record keeping for our new church plant.  Don't forget the hair apt. (note to self)   

Were heading to moms this weekend.  Were helping her put on a small couples conference at her church.  Here is the flyer.  It was taken after the book His Brain Her Brain.
Paul will be speaking twice. He'll be speaking on Overcome Obstacles to Communication  and Learning to Appreciate Your Spouse.   We'll also be watching the movie Fire Proof, going bowling, playing games and eating good food.  The girls are so excited to see Granny Grunt and Grandad.

3 I love Comments!!:

Dawn Blay-Smith

Awe so cute. I can not wait for sun dress season. How fun to receive a gift like that though....


Cute sun dresses!

I like the poster for that conference too :)


You do have a very busy week. Those sundresses are adorable. Little girls in sundresses are darling. It's also what the girls prefer to wear in the summer.

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