Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memory Lane Mondays

This Monday were going way back! January of 1999,  this is when I was 6 months pregnant with Autumn.  

We were on staff as Childrens Pastors at Walton Blvd. Church of God in Pontiac Michigan.  

This wonderful couple there asked if we'd like to go to the Grand Caymon Islands with them.  We just needed to pay for our plane tickets. Of course we said YES!  This was my first time to fly. 

We went Snorkeling with the sting rays!!

This is me at 6 months prego.  I gained  40 pounds with both girls.  I so badly wanted to lay on my stomach that I carved out the sand under my belly so I could lay in the Sun.

Here is my creative husband.  Always making something impressive in the sand. That other guy is Ernie the couple that open up their condo to us.

Paul went deep sea fishing and caught a 40 pound tuna. Oh my... I gained that fish (40 Pounds) during my pregnancy.  Boy does that put it in prospective.  ugh!!

This would be our last time way together without children until we go to Hawaii in November of 2004.

I'm so grateful for the Downs family inviting us to go with them.  More great memories.  

2 I love Comments!!:


That looks like it was an amazing vacation. I hope you get a chance to go back.

The belly bump cove in the sand is priceless.


That's so funny that you carved yourself a hole in the sand for your belly - I entertained the notion when I was preggo too, but wasn't near a beach LOL

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