Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video of Lillie

I've just been playing around with the new ilife 09 for Mac. The new imovie is 
growing on me. I do love our Mac. We've had our Mac computer for just over 
a year and I must say...  
Once you use a Mac you'll never go back!!

I've been working really hard at keep my photos organized and taking 
more movies of the girls.

I have a class in the morning at the COG Conference Center on a Church Management Software.
I'll be learning a new computer program that helps with book and record keeping. Paul has 
his meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at the YMCA with the CEO. Keep us in your prayers as we 
move on to new adventures.

4 I love Comments!!:


That is so cute, Jessica!

I have to admit though, I am slowly beginning to fall completely in love with my mac. I just got one 2 weeks ago and it is so simple and easy to use.

Everyone should get one!

But yeah, Lillie is super cute!

OH MY GOSH! I don't think she could be any more delightful.

Thanking Jesus for your precious girl!


OMG I had to watch twice. Sooooo sweet.

Amy W

What a sweetheart! I just love her little facial expressions - especially when she says Jesus is in her heart. Precious!

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