Monday, March 23, 2009

Memory Lane Mondays

This Memory Lane Monday takes us to May of 2003.  Autumn was three years old.  

Notice her teeth.  Her dad had those made by our dentist for characters that he did.  We were speaking at the Alabama Camp Grounds for a few hundred stinky boys.  It was the Pioneers for Christ Camp Out.  ( I ate alligator for the first time here.  It taste like chicken.  The boys had cooking contest at there camp sites.)  

They have a beautiful felicity were the living quarters are above the gym.  The hallway was very wide and long.  And being the fun mom that I was, Autumn and I were skipping.  I was looking back at Autumn as I was skipping and ran right into the Fire extinguisher.  It should of been set in the wall, but oh well!   This is how we get great memories:) 

I received 38 stitches, some in the muscle because it was cut so deep.  No one was at the camp grounds yet we had come two days early.  I yell for Paul very calmly and he came running because he heard a large thump.  I told him it was bad... I remember almost passing out and Paul saying, "You can pass out, your the one  holding your leg together!"  My leg had no pain and no blood.  The worst part was the nausea.  Needless to say the Dietzels left their mark on the Alabama State Campgrounds. 

This is a picture I took that week at camp.  That Autumn is one crazy kid!

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Amy W

I can't even imagine. I caught my thumb in the giant paper cutter at school a few months ago - right on top of the nail. No blood there either, but the school nurse asked me if I was ok. She said I looked pretty pale.

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