Thursday, April 2, 2009

$25 gift card

My sister in law needed a plumber and I recommend one to her. (Titanium Plumbing 888-848-2657) They are friends of ours.  Because she used them they sent me $25 gift card!!   So I'm sure by now you know where I spent the money...

As I was checking out I told the young cashier that I could only spend $25. That's all I have on this gift card. He looked at me doubtingly and said he didn't think I'd make it.  When the grand total came it was $114, I knew it would be close.  I saved 77% of my bill totaling....$24.65!!  sigh... that was a close one!

I had no money to spend this week on groceries the budget is tight.  It kills me not to be able to go and get those deals.  Not that we don't have food.  I've got a pretty good stock pile.  Plus in the summer we purchased a 1/2 cow and a 1/2 pig for the freezer so I never buy meat except for chicken.  

I just can't help it.  I just had to buy the Pillsbury pizza crust for .54, cake mixes for .30, frosting for .69...  this list goes on. 

Thank you Titanium Plumbing for the $25 gift card!!  You've made a happy wife today and you didn't even fix my sink.

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I don't know how you do it, girl, but it's awesome! You need to give me lessons in couponing...seriously!

Natalie Bacon

wow so awesome. I used to cut coupons years ago and remember getting baby food free. I need to start again sometime.


Even with cutting coupons every week and finding all the deals, I still haven't done quite that good. I have come very close, but I think the area might have something to do with it. I am limited on my stores and I think sometimes the deals and coupons are different.


I really think you need to come downn here and show all of us ladies how you do it. LOL !! A coupon workshop!!

Amazing! You are gifted.

Lovin' those pix a few posts down!

Great talent.



I'm always amazed when I hear people saving that much on their grocery bills. I cut coupons, but I never manage to save that much. I'm figuring you're doing some very purposeful shopping (item on sale, must have coupon for it, etc.). I know there are coupon savvy sites out there. Do you use one of those or have you figured this out all on your own. I'm very impressed with the savings you got! (I'm betting the cashier was astounded too!) :)

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