Monday, April 6, 2009

Memory Lane Mondays

This Monday were going back to Easter in 2002.  Why?  Because it's almost easter!  

We love to color egg, but Paul and I are the only ones who eat them.

This is Autumn in her Easter dress.  Looks like it was a warm Easter in 2002.  Can you believe that blond hair!!  She's a dark blonde now.

Autumn loved to look for eggs.  In fact both girls love it and we do it over... and over... and over... on easter and about a week later.

That year Autumn had a new Groovy Girl and Groovy Chair in the hiding.  (These were her favorite at this time)  She found them hiding behind the chair and Granny Grunts.  We used to spend every holiday at the Grandparents.  It was up until Autumn turned 5  when we stopped going to the Grandparents house to spend the night on holidays.  I miss those good old days.

Have a good spring break everyone and try not let the snow forecast get you down.

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I miss the good old days of spending the holidays at grandparents too. It is amazing to look at pics of Autumn and see so much of Lillie! I really think Autumn resembles Paul and Lillie resembles you, but on those younger pics they look really similar.

Amy W

Oh we hide Easter eggs for a LONG time after Easter is over. Eventually, I just have to put the plastic eggs away!! Here's fair warning that I'm going to post about you in just a few minutes...


I'm excited to do an egg hunt with the boys this year!

Funny thing, the boys were playing with Alexis' groovy girls on Sunday and loved them LOL

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