Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i Heart Faces - Easter/spring

This weeks i Heart Faces photo contest theme is Spring/Easter.  I know that I no way am near a professional photographer and nor do I plan on winning with any of my photos, but I sure do love participating!  It gives me a chance to look through old treasures.  This is of Autumn at 18 months old and boy did she love the baby chicks!  To me this photo says spring.  And I know that all of us here in Michigan are looking for Spring.  It should be here any day!!  I thinking husband took this photo because I'm in it.

If you'd like to see more great photos you can go to iheartfaces.blogspot.com 
You can also participate.

4 I love Comments!!:


We're looking for Spring in Indiana too. WHERE is it??? Love this photo of you and your daughter. So much joy. Pretty sure my girl would've run screaming in the other direction if I brought a chick up to her! Kids are great, aren't they??!!

Melinda B


I love the triangle effect of this picture..your happy expression watching your daughter who is so intent on the baby chicks. Really neat picture!


Lovely shot! I love her little hand up in the shot.


Super Sweet!

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