Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday's Egg Hunt

Here is the egg hunt I was telling you about.  It's at Durand church of God. Those are some of our games.  This photo was taken at the onset so there's not many people yet.   Altogether I believe they had 206 children with 165 adults plus workers which gave them an attendance of about 450.  

Our first egg hunt when we were on staff at this church as Children's Pastors we had 600 people, the next year 900 and then the last year 1,200.  There is great potential here at this country church in the small town of Durand.  I'm glad they've decided to start doing this again for their community.

This was the second hunt which was for 1st and 2nd graders.  There was a total of 5,000 eggs between the 4 groups.  It only takes seconds to clear a field.

Here are some egg redemption centers where kids go to return their egg.  After workers count eggs they write the number of eggs they found on the child's hand. 

I didn't have any good photos of the candy centers.  But this is Autumns with all her eggs, she had 87.

This is Lillie and Wyatt.  Wyatt is Lillie's future husband.  We've arrange this marriage, just like we did for Autumns.  Wyatt also comes from good stock just like Autumns future husband.  What??? 

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Amy W

I love that you have arranged your daughter's marriages. I'm still looking for suitors for my girls....nothing but the best!

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