Monday, April 27, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ... a Paci Fairwell

It's been 4 days since we lost the paci in the car.  I was waiting until summer was over before I did this but...  I figured that it's better that the paci be lost than the mom saying you can't have it anymore.

 Bye, bye paci... You will be missed.

I loved this paci.  I wonder how many paci we have purchased over 
the last 2 1/2 years?

Two is always better than one!

  Nothing is more peaceful than a relaxing day at the beach with paci.

Lillie loved her lovely and her passy.  As I look back I should of took the paci a way first.  I've learned my lesson for next time. . .  JUST KIDDING!!

This was Lillies first outing, we went to Applebees.  I took this exact same picture of Autumn she is holding the Ketchup too but has no paci.   Autumns first outing was to Chilli's.

Bye Bye Paci you will be missed... 
and so will the afternoon naps. 

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I feel you on missing naps. But, just think of how much easier summer programs will be if you aren't having to stop and find a place for her to sleep? I too miss the paci!


That's how Noah was broken of his paci too - we lost it. That's the way to go!


no more naps?


I still say don't give up on the naps! You still have at least 2 years before school!

LOL! What a variety!


Dear Pastor Paul,

This is Laura from Bay Shore Camp in Sebewaing. I wanted to say that my dad is in the hospital (U of M) and he is VERY sick (he has pancreatitis). Maybe you can pray for him and our family. Your prayers would help alot. If you need to call us for any reason, please call my Grandma's (Vivian) cell phone @ 989-550-7506. Sincerely, Laura Osborne (Also, My Aunt Ruth's email is / cell #989-550-7550)

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