Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Goats, but not on our farm.

This is not our barn, but I wish it was.  It's a beauty!!  

The Houles who are friends of ours have parted with us in raising Boar Goats. He is housing them for us and we are awaiting our first babies in May.  We should have 8-10 baby goats.

This is El-Rock our Buck

Last night we went out to their house to trim the hooves.  Tom and Paul are learning together.  This is their first time.  They did great!   They feel like pros now.

Lillie is going to be a great goat keeper.  She loves to help and loves the animals.  You can see in the background the Houle's 4 little piggies!  They are going to be roasted on an open fire.  Not now!!!  Later when they weight 250.

Autumn was really excited to see Linus her llama.  He is staying at the farm to keep guard. This pictures was taken when we first arrived.  The girls were so excited to she how everyone has grown.

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I'm so jealous, I would love to have a goat, but a milking goat, we'll have to come and visit
gail t.

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