Friday, May 1, 2009

Faith Family Open House

We made our shirts.  Our colors are Mandarin orange and key lime.

I took these few photos at the very being.  Paul and I were surprised that people showed up right when we started at 5:00.  So after that point I got to busy and forgot to take photos.

We rented the Township Hall in our town. We served Nachos and Tacos!  We were really excited with our turn out and believe we have made 5 really good contacts (families) who are interested in our church.  We were not really sure if people would just come and check us out.  I would think it would be kind of awkward, but they did!  The Argus Press did an article about us the day before.  It was very helpful.

We made ballon hats for the kids and we had a moonwalk up of course.  We also had other activities for the kids, this allowed us time to visit with mom and dad.

Kids were able to frost cookies in our faith family colors.

This is the video we had playing all during the Open House.

Were working on another time to met next month. Hopefully in a park when it is nice. Were so
grateful to all those who helped, especially the Campbell family.

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Very nice!

Love the colors. Great video.



I like the shirts! Glad pple showed up!

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