Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goat... anyone?

So you all know that we have Boar Goats, which is a meat goat not a milking goat.  Paul kept telling me that we were going to raise goats, not only for our freezer but others.   You see that little guy in the green collar thats in front of Autumn...  he was dinner this weekend.

This weekend we went up north with our friends Tom and Kathy.  Our goats are at their barn. They purchased that little buck just for eating.  We can't eat ours because the does are pregnant.  We all needed to know what it tastes like if we were all going to put it in the freezer.  Paul was sooo sure that I would like it.  He had done so much reading and researching.  Mind you this gal does not like Venison.

Tom cooked the goat in a dutch oven and placed it in the ground and covered it with hot coals.  It cooked for about 2 1/2 hours.

He cooked it with lots of stuff, peppers, bean, onions...  I want you to know that I am a skeptic!!  I am not a fan of wild meat,  I don't eat it, I don't like it. Venison to me taste to gamey no matter how you cook it.

Here we all are eating our delicious goat!  I hate to tell you that we all went for seconds!!  It tasted just like beef to me.  I would have never known.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but Paul... you can fill our freezer!!  Tom and Kathy, I'm so glad we're in this together!  Here is to many more goat roast!!

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I don't know about goat, but when I cook venison in the crock pot or corn it, you would never know it wasn't beef. I have some great recipes!

Amy W

Wow. I've never tried goat before, but just looking at that pot is making me hungry!!


Do the girls know!?!?!

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