Monday, May 11, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ... nightmare on the road

Since we had a major road adventure this weekend I thought I'd post this, it happened in 2004.
We were on our way to speak at Youth Camp in Illinois. 

Does this road look like it has a sign that says Fresh TAR!!!  There was no sign or any indication that there was and within minutes it was to late and we were covered from head to toe.

When we pulled into the camp grounds tar was just dripping off our van and trailer.  We had to go around and pick up tar so it wouldn't get tracked all over the camp.  (Which was a rental camp)

I've got travel stories let me to you!!  Although nothing thing tops what happen this past week on our way to Oklahoma.  This was our first accident on the road in over 10 years of travel. Thank you Jesus for the many years of safety.

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