Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Yesterday at school Autumn informed me that she had to wear something that had pockets,  it was "Poem in Your Pocket Day."    This is her poem.

   My mothers a pan 
                                   My dad is a cook 
                                   I am a fish stick
                                   That better be cooked

Paul and I are thinking that Autumn understands the birds and the bees better than we think! Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with this stuff.  She gets the creative gene from her dad.

We'll were off this morning to teach our class, Reaching Teaching and Pastoring Children.  This is the last class and everyone graduates in June at the State Camp Meeting.  Then from there were off to Blytheville MO and then to Tuttle OK.   Lacey is stay with the girls for the week. This will be my longest time away from Lou.  They are both excited about Lacey being here so I know they'll be fine.  Paul and I are looking forward to time alone. We will also be super doper speed walking every night after programs, not eating to late, and were going on the Subway diet while we are gone.  My summer clothes are to snug... okay, not fitting at all!!  I so glad summer is here so we can get active again.

PS- Lillie has done wonderful with out the paci.  I wonder what took me so long to do this?

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Please tell me you're going to frame that poem or put it in a scrapbook - it's hilarious! Even though I'm not quite sure what she's talking about... :)

LOL! I didn't look at the poem the way you did when I first read it. HA!


Its a great poem for fish !1 haha lol

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