Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love you Kroger!

All this for $13.00, I love to go grocery shopping.
I hated it a year ago before I learned how to shop with coupons!  It's funny now how I tell the girls, I can't buy that we don't have a coupon.  They just smile and say, okay.  

Just a quick run down on a few items!

Ocean Spray-.49
Kellogg's cereal-.49

Just a quick update on the Dietzels.

*Everyone is coping with Enoch gone.  I still tell the girls to pick up their shoes Enoch will eat them:-)

*We have another 500 shirts to press next week.

*Were getting ready for our summer programs.  I've been working on music.  I got some great new stuff this year.

*I had the opportunity to take some photos of my friends new baby this week!  Nothing professional but better than your average Joe!!  It's good practice.

*I can't put down the last Amish book in the series Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall. My poor husband will be glad when I'm finished so he can have some attention.

*Autumns last day of school is Friday!  Were all very excited that bed time will no long be at 8:00.

*I'm wanting to purchase the book The Shack.  Has anyone read this book Yet?

*I'm so in need of hair cut and I can't get in for a whole week!  ugh  I'm a gal that has to have her hair cut every 4 weeks.  

Oh...  tonight one of our goat was in labor,  it's sad that the baby was not alive.  He was a little buck.  It was a horrible experience to witness trying to get the baby out.  I'll spare you the details.  Were hoping the next 2 have a better delivery.  

7 I love Comments!!:

Wee Ones Mommy

Great deals! The boys are so excited about camp!


That's incredible!! I wish we lived closer so you can teach me how to find those deals!

I hope you post your newborn photos..I'm guessing they're stunning!


4 Smith's

Jess, I think you might be the earliest riser I know that doesn't have to wake up and drive to work!! Get some sleep girly!!!

Good for Autumn's last day, M still has 2 weeks! Big field trip tomorrow though and field day on Monday. So, fun days ahead.


I've been wanting to get the book the shack too. It has been on my to do list. I saw it advertised at the family bookstore for $7.49 from June 8-21st. My friend Rachel read it and all she said was it was interesting. We agreed to talk after I read it so that it won't spoil it. Let me know what you do.


Why is my comment under DAVID?


I highly recommend the book The Shack. I LOVED it! We'll have to have a discussion after you read it.

Amy W

The Shack is pretty intense! I thought it was a true story when I first started reading it. It gives a whole new perspective on the Trinity! Thank you for your book suggestions for me - I'll definitely look for those!

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