Monday, June 1, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ... T-shirts

Paul and I have been printing shirt for the last 7 days, 3 hours each night.  We got tired of paying to much money to have shirts done so we just got the stuff so we could do it ourself!  We have saved so much money this way... although creating for us much work it is well worth it to keep the cost down.  So being that it is Memory Lane Monday we are going back to look at past camp shirts.

These shirts are from 2007.  Our theme was Pirates and the Galilean. Obviously you can tell where that theme came from. The 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie was just coming out that summer.  Kids loved it.  

We taught how pirates came to kill, steal and destroy, but God came to give life and give it more abundantly.

These shirts are from 2008 and our theme was The Big Dig.  We taught on the Seven C's of History.  We talked about creation and that we were made for a purpose.  The Summer before we made a trip to the Creation Museum and came up with this theme.  It was a huge hit!!  The kids loved finding out more about dinosaurs.   We taught them and showed them how dinosaurs are not millions of years old.

These are the kids shirts, the adults just had a Big Dig log on the font.  Oh and they glowed in the dark!  

This years theme is Whoville.  Who do you say that I AM!  I am Father, I am Son, I am Spirit 3 in One!  Dr. Seuss has some great messages in his books.

So that's what we've been up to for the last week.  Not only do we print the camp shirt for our 2 weeks of camp we print the teen camp shirts as well. That's what we are finishing up this morning.  Next week when we start our shirts I'll let you all have a sneak peek!

Only 5 more days of school so we're all really excited.  That means summer is here and we will be in full swing.  Keep us in your prayers.  

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Great idea, printing your own shirts.


I love the T's & themes yo guys come up with for camp - it makes me want to go LOL I know Seth loves going!

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