Friday, June 5, 2009


My friend Jinger just had a baby.  Her name is Montana.  A couple of us girls went over to see the new bundle of Joy and took a few photos for her.  She had this basket sitting in the corner of the play room so we tried it out.

My all time favorite baby photographer is my friend  Natalie.
By just looking a her photos makes me want another baby!! 
Her photographs put mine to shame!  
Go check her out, but not if your finished having babies!

I did photos of hands and feet because I did this with my Lillie.  
I love being able to remember how small she was when 
she was just a few days old.

I looking to upgrade my Canon EOS Digital Rebel for a new Canon in about a month.  I've had this camera for 6 years.   I'm open for recommendations.  I'm also looking for a few new lens. I know that lens are so important especially for clarity.   I know I have a few Photographer friends out there so I'd love your opinions for my next few purchases.

*When have a new baby goat!  Finally a goat with no problems delivering.  Her name is Riblet We did loose the momma to the last little goat that was born yesterday.  

*Paul forgot about a moonwalk rental so I just has to drive the trailer up to him and do a quick switch.  I hate to drive the trailer, maybe if I did it more often.

*I took a nap today:-)

*Lillie didn't.... crabby!

*my vacuum is broken.  I don't know how long I can handle that.

* we have a mouse and it's not a pet!

There you go!  Yesterday in a Nut shell.  My friend Beth said to me you get up early to do your blog!  LOL!   I told her I just schedule my post for 6:00 am.  I work on them the night before.   shhh.  Sometimes I do them at the spare of the monent, but mostly before I go to bed.  GOODNIGHT ALL!  Or should I say to you GOOD MORNING!

3 I love Comments!!:


Good job on the pictures! I'd give you advice on a camera, but I really have no clue myself LOL

Amy W

Great pics!! I'm no help with camera advice either, unfortunately...

What lovely pictures of a darling baby. Those prints will be a gift in themselves!

Thank you so much for the kind words. The ICU is not a fun place. What a scare with your hubby! I cannot imagine that! Wow.

I am feeling so much better today!

Thanks again,

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