Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ... summer travels

Travel spoils you for regular life

You all know that Autumn has been traveling since she was 6 weeks old doing kids crusades with her mom and dad.  We've traveled in everything... a Freightliner 9 gear truck, a motor home, a 15 passenger van...    this girl has seen the world.

We found this rock at a rest stop.  Autumn loves rocks, still does.  We pick it up so she could paint it.  Hey, anything to help time go by.

This photo here is in the bunk of the Freightliner.   We would pick up these "Sweet Streets" thoughout the summer.  They were easy to take into restaurants to keep her busy.  This is in 2002, Autumn is 2 years old.

This was at Youth Camp in Virginia.  It was a hot day and we pull right into the open air tabernacle and opened the doors so she could sleep while we set up our stage.  Notice the potty chair!!  She is just 2 years old here.

Here is Autumn with her American Girl doll, Kit that she got for her 4th birthday.

Her she is playing with wax pipe cleaners.  She loved these. 

Autumn has lots of miles behind her, along with about 30 different states.  Poor Lillie has a lot of catching up to do! 

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