Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 day until the Grand Opening

We have 30 days until the grand opening of faith family. We are so excited about this church plant! We are expecting great things! Check out our website for more information. faith Pastor Paul and I would love to have your prayers and support in anyway possible. Faith Family his it's own account now and is now able to accept gifts or contributions. All gifts and contributions are tax deductible.

We still need to purchase one more set of pip and drape, stage, banners and printed materials. We have already purchased 2 duel video projects and screens, 150 feet of pipe and drape and our sound system. There is still much to be done and we value your prayers and thank you in advance for your support.

Check can be made out to Faith Family and mail to:
201 N. Geeck
Corunna, MI 48817

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