Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bounceland in Kalamazoo Michigan

This week we were with family doing a Kids Crusade in Battle Creek. We were really looking forward to the week... planing on going to the zoo or the water park. With rain and 65 degree weather we decided to go to Bounceland in Kalamazoo.

I know it's crazy considering we own ruffly 20 of these games, but it was all for the girls! Well, and the grandparents. We needed somewhere where we could spend time together.

The girls had a blast along with Granny Grunt, these inflatables are quite different then ours.

Tired of inflatables daddy?? He didn't play on a thing. I just think he's getting to old! lol

Even though it rained and we had fall like weather in August here in Michigan, we still had a great time with family.

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Amy W

How fun! It's been cool here too - all summer long! Strange weather, but I'm not complaining. :)


Hey that looks like so much fun !

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