Monday, August 10, 2009

Brown City Family Camp

This year at Brown City Camp we had 300 kids. They Put both groups together usually we only have about 150. It was crazy but so much fun. We had to many kids to do a group photo so we had to take three.

It's amazing that all these kids raised over $1,000 for mission. They work hard at selling lemon aide and candy necklaces. You name it, it's for sale. This is possible because it is a family camp and family come together to camp. ( I'm going to try to do another post on Brown city Camp)

So it is obvious that I lost the offering contest. I got 3 buckets of water dumped on my head. All for the widows in India! The kids were wondering why the water is steaming as it came out of the bucket?? Thats because if a person (me) is going to get wet, I get to choose the temperature of water! And I choose hot shower water!! lol

I just love this one of Pastor Paul.

Every year at camp on Thursday evening the kids trek up to the main tabernacle and sing a few songs that they've learned.

There were 300 kids on this stage. We were unsure of how well it would hold. We didn't sing any songs with jumping for this reason.

It was a sea of people out there!!
The ages of kids between 2-17 was 1,000! Wow! You figure in the adults. It's like a small city at Brown City Camp. The population is larger at camp then in the town itself.

We did Wacky Wednesday here too! Kids love it as well as parents. I have lots more photos at if you'd like to see more.

This is Autumn with her friend Ellania. ( I know I spelled that wrong)

Our most recent family photo!!

This is where the kids met. It's a hot shell of a pole barn! Thank You Lord for the beauitful weather at Camp this week.

2 I love Comments!!:

Amy W

You guys must be so exhausted by the time summer is over! What an amazing ministry you have!

*Michigan Momma*

Isaac had a *blast*!!

He still does a dance, complete with sound effects, every time someone mentions that Pastor Paul won the offering contest.....hilarious~

You guys rock~

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